BaccalĂ  March 21, 2018 6pmPay What you CanBrilliant, tender, hilarious and ingenious, inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the stars of silent films, Baccalà's timeless performance of enthralling physicality and exquisite expression has been delighting audiences the world over since 2010.

Inventive, exciting, ridiculous, this breathtaking two-man show of mishaps and acrobatics entitled PSS...PSS...will have you laughing long after you leave the theatre. Winner of 13 international prizes, including the Cirque Du Soleil prize. You have never seen anything like it.

"Bewitching...enthralling...the audience are in hysterics. Inventive and exciting, this couple of clowns will have you laughing long after you leave the theatre."- BroadwayBaby

"One of the best clown pieces I've ever seen....this is a master-class in a form...outstanding!"