The Dream Catchers / Capteurs de Rêves January 1, 2017 - July 21, 2017 Exploring the dreams of young Canadians!
If you're 17 or younger, we want to hear what you've got to say, and we want to share it with the country!

There's more than one way to share your ideas about the future. To get started, you can visit the "Share Your Dream" section of the site. Whichever way you want to share is fine: make a video, take a picture, make some artwork, or just tell us in your own words. All dreams submitted, as long as they are not offensive, will be posted to the Dream Gallery, so you can check out what you have posted and see the ideas of other young Canadians.

If you're a part of a workshop, you'll also be creating your own dream catcher that will be used in the making of one massive dream catcher that will be displayed at Confederation Centre of the Arts, a leading Canadian cultural centre in Charlottetown, P.E.I. that inspires creativity, dialogue, and collaboration. What a way to help celebrate!

Visit for more information and submit your dream.