Message from the CEO Over the next year we will be developing a new strategic plan to take us from 2018-2023.
Until then, we are pleased to say that Confederation Centre has had many successes in achieving the goals we set out in 2013.
We have established strong ties with arts and culture organizations from across Canada, co-producing musicals, touring gallery exhibits and hosting arts leaders in our Centre.

We have greatly enhanced our heritage programming with the popular Confederation Chamber replica plus an expanded Confederation Players program. The Symons Medal and Lecture series presented stellar speakers including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the esteemed Antonine Maillet. As well, we at Confederation Centre were delighted to learn that Charlottetown is now officially designated as the Birthplace of Confederation when Bill S-236 was granted Royal Assent on December 12, 2017.
As of the close of 2017 Confederation Centre is pleased to report two successful years at the Box Office and we are predicting continued positive response to the exciting programming planned for The 2018 Charlottetown Festival.

Over the next 12 months our focus will turn to addressing current trends in the arts, culture and heritage sectors, and developing a strategy that will take us into the next decade. We expect to be talking more about diversity in the arts, addressing the recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation report, committing to even more collaboration with our colleagues across Canada, enriching our heritage programming and fully embracing the digital age!

I invite you to join us on our cultural journey into 2018, whether as a ticket buyer or gallery goer, a member of our Founders' Circle, or as a member of our community at large.

Jessie Inman, Chief Executive Officer

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