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A survey of the work of emerging contemporary artists living in the Maritimes and their engagement with the question of region.

This exhibition presents the work of 13 young artists who live and work in the Maritimes. Somewheres is a thematic show about a changing place as well as a survey of its most promising talent. Its title reflects the multiplicity and uncertain origin of the region's identity, defined as much by dreams and myths of escape—from here (deprivation, isolation, marginalization, routine) or there (modernity, alienation, instability, absorption)as by any inherent qualities. One of the most enduring tropes about the creative process is that of the critical mass, the notion that the largest gathering of people generates the most interaction, and thus the greatest production of new ideas. Countering this myth is the reality that large centres often produce homogeneity, and that unhindered communication can even lead to a kind of cultural sameness, as everything is digested and exchanged. It may precisely be the failures of communication—which loom large in the work in Somewheres—that produce new approaches.

If the Maritimes are one of those locations where broader cultural paradigms don't entirely succeed in taking root or peter out at their edges, then the region might actually be a hotbed for the kinds of difficult negotiations that generate change. Somewheres is full of such collisions, as ideas tied to the region—the agrarian, traditional, local, dispossessed, vernacular, outmoded, misunderstood—are linked to notions such as the touristic, surveyable, mobile, contemporary, legible and exchangeable that connect it to a broader "everywhere."

-Pan Wendt, curator


Alisa Arsenault, Moncton, NB
Sophia Bartholomew, Fredericton, NB      
Rémi Belliveau, Moncton, NB      
Amanda Dawn Christie, Moncton, NB      
Sandi Hartling, Charlottetown, PE      
Eleanor King, Halifax, NS      
Mathieu Léger, Moncton, NB      
William Robinson, Halifax, NS      
Scott Saunders, Halifax, NS      
Becka Viau, Charlottetown, PE      
Kate Walchuk, Halifax, NS      
Aaron Weldon, Halifax, NS      
D'Arcy Wilson, Halifax, NS

The Emerging Artists Series is sponsored by RBC Foundation.

February 15, 2014 - May 18, 2014

Amanda Dawn Christie, Spectres of Shortwave, (detail), 2013-2014, video still. Courtesy of the artist