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Feast Your Eyes

Get your ticket today to Feast Your Eyes, a Gallery fundraiser featuring dinner plates transformed into works of art by local and off-Island artists. Feast Your Eyes promises to be a lively social event that includes music by local folk band Colour Code, a silent auction, refreshments and a take-home artist plate.

More than fifty artists from across the country have taken standard dinner plates and transformed them into stunning and varied works of art. Each ticket holder is guaranteed to leave with a one-of-a-kind plate, and choosing will be decided through a ballot draw over the course of the evening.There are a limited number of tickets available so call 902-628-6105 to reserve yours. Tickets are $150 for one plate and admit two people to the event. Saturday, December 1 at 7 p.m.
To view plates and read more about our artists click here

Island Artists                                          Off-Island Artists

Mauricio Aristizabal                                  Peter Dykhuis
Erin Arsenault                                          Michael Fernandes
Suzanne O'Callaghan                               Eleanor King
Gweneth Branch-Rice                              Andrea Mortson and Erik Edson
Sandy Carruthers                                    Dan Steeves
Susan Christensen                                  Aaron Weldon
Nancy Cole                                              Mitchell Wiebe
John Cox                                                 Jessica Palmer
Dominique Cruchet                                 Magalie Comeau
Joan Cullen                                             Landon Mackenzie
Sandi Hartling                                         Ingrid Mary Percy
Gail Hodder                                             Clint Neufeld
Anna Karpinski                                        Don Miller
Ben Kinder
Monica Lacey
Luke Leunes
Betty-Jo McCarville                             
Holly McGee
Gail Rutherford
Susana Rutherford
Sarah Saunders
Lori Joy Smith
Karly Thomsen
Joy van der Vliet
Becka Viau
Brenda Whiteway
Damien Worth
Ahmon Katz
Heather Millar
Catherine Miller
Matt Bowness
Carl Phillis
Henry Purdy
Nigel Roe
Konrad Wendt
Michael Stanley
Ayelet Stewart
Lisa Theriault 
Lisa Wendt
Don Andrus
Eun-mee Yang

October 22, 2012 - December 1, 2012

Plate by Mauricio Aristizabal